TWIST is IST Austria’s technology transfer program.

IST Austria is a young international research institute that is committed to conducting world-class research. We believe groundbreaking results require excellent researchers who are free to do research without their institution imposing any constraints on their scientific program.

IST Austria is also committed to providing best in class support to translating scientific discoveries into commercial applications for the benefit of health and wealth of society.

Our Approach

We adopt a case by case approach to determine what the optimal route to market is. We support cooperation with industry as it can generate valuable feedback for our researchers, support the licensing process and help our students to make decisions on their further careers.

Sometimes groundbreaking ideas will find their way to the market through startups rather than incumbent companies where no ideas need to compete internally with existing solutions. We also believe that starting a business can be a very rewarding and worthwhile activity for our graduates and therefore support these activities as well.

IST Cube

We also contribute to the development of science to business translation in Austria, beyond IST. To that end, we have founded IST Cube, a science and tech based seed fund investing equity and expertise in spin offs from Austrian academic institutions.


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